Is Mindvalley A Fraud [Negative Reviews]

Mindvalley is an online personal development platform that has recently gained significant popularity. The platform promises to help users improve their lives, from mental well-being to careers and relationships. 

However, not everyone has had a positive experience with Mindvalley, and many have raised concerns about the company’s legitimacy and practices.

In this article, I’m going to highlight Mindvalley user’s experiences, concerns, and reviews. I’ll also share my experience with Mindvalley after taking 5+ courses. 

By the end of this article, you will find out if Mindvalley is legit or just another scam out there!

Why People Hate Mindvalley?

Negative reviews of Mindvalley are available across various online platforms, including Reddit, Quora, Trust Pilot, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These reviews often highlight recurring issues that have dissatisfied many users with the platform. 

In the section below, I will discuss some of such testimonials and help you understand why users hate Mindvalley so much. Take a look:-

  1. Is Mindvalley a fraud negative review Reddit

Reddit is a platform where users voice various concerns and criticisms about Mindvalley. 

One user bluntly called it a “scam,” citing issues with billing practices, lack of programs, and poor customer service. Here is their testimonial: 

“Yep, it’s a scam. I mistakenly signed up because you can easily cancel in 15 days. 

Well, they charged my card $399, and I got no programs, and there are only chatbots for customer service!!!”

Reddit Review About MIndvalley

Source: Reddit

This user expressed frustration with Mindvalley’s customer service, noting that they had to change their credit card due to the platform’s repeated charges. 

  1. Is Mindvalley a fraud Negative review Quora

Despite multiple negative experiences and concerns about Mindvalley, I discovered that the courses are not an issue. For instance, one Quora user explained that they had been billed for an annual Mindvalley membership even after canceling their subscription.

They had to resolve this issue through a credit card dispute. 

The reviewer expressed frustration with statements like “WASTE of my TIME, ENERGY, RESOURCES, and CREATES STRESS with much negativity around doing business with online companies.”

Quora Review About MIndvalley

Source: Quora

Despite winning the dispute the previous year, the person was forced to go through the process again, highlighting the apparent lack of integrity and accountability within Mindvalley’s operations. 

They further concluded by advising others to “take your screenshots, file them, write notes on papers, whatever it takes to avoid being TAKEN by companies with no conscience,” emphasizing the need for caution when dealing with Mindvalley.

Overall, the testimonial translates whether you find the Mindvalley quests effective or not completely depends on your particular path.

  1. Is Mindvalley a fraud negative review BBB

So far, Mindvalley has been facing similar complaints. Let us check out what BBB reviews are saying about the platform:

The Better Business Bureau has been overwhelmed with complaints about Mindvalley, painting a concerning picture of the platform’s practices. 

One complainant stated, “They charged my account on June 24th and sent an email on June 28th saying they would charge me. Had I received this notice before they charged it, I would have canceled it. Now they refuse to refund my $399.”

Source: BBB

Other issues include the inability to access purchased courses, poor customer service, and deceptive advertising. 

One user described Mindvalley’s customer service as “terribly disingenuous and unproductive,” while another expressed frustration at the platform’s “false and deceptive advertisement and language.”

Source: BBB

These BBB reviews highlight a concerning pattern of unethical business practices and a lack of transparency, leaving many customers feeling cheated and dissatisfied with Mindvalley’s offerings.

  1. Trustpilot – Negative Customer Experience

Finally, I am at the end of the public reviews. Next up is Trust Pilot, which is often presented with a mixed picture.

The users reported both positive and negative experiences. 

One recurring issue (that I have discussed multiple times) highlighted the platform’s poor customer service and subscription management.

Source: Trust Pilot

A user named Kate shared a 2-star review, stating, “When I canceled my membership, which was an easy process and completed in plenty of time, a renewal fee was still taken from me!” 

She further expressed frustration at being charged an “administration fee” even after the cancellation.

Source: Trust Pilot

Another reviewer, Nadia Doh, echoed similar concerns, describing Mindvalley’s customer service as the “ABSOLUTE WORST” and stating that it was “IMPOSSIBLE to cancel [the] subscription.” 

Mindvalley Lawsuit and Exposures

In addition to the negative customer reviews, Mindvalley has also been involved in legal disputes. 

EKO recently named the platform in a class-action lawsuit, alleging violations of the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA). For those who do not know, EKO accused Mindvalley of unlawfully collecting users’ video viewing histories. 

While no concrete evidence has been presented to prove Mindvalley’s guilt, the lawsuit raised concerns about the platform sharing hidden tracking codes with Meta for advertising purposes.

How have these lawsuits affected Mindvalley’s reputation?

There are plenty of controversies surrounding Mindvalley and its founder, Vishen Lakhiani. 

In a Vice documentary, Lakhiani’s practices and the company’s “wellness retreat” were scrutinized, with some viewers describing the event as a “cult-like” experience.

EKO Review About MIndvalley

Source: EKO

This exposure has led many to question the legitimacy of Mindvalley’s approach, with some accusing the platform of exploiting vulnerable individuals in pursuit of profit. 

The “cult-like” label, in particular, has been difficult for Mindvalley to shake, as it has reinforced the perception that the company is more interested in brainwashing than genuine personal growth.

The combined impact of the class-action lawsuit and these public exposures has significantly affected Mindvalley’s reputation, as the platform is now viewed with greater skepticism. 

Is Mindvalley a Scam? (My Experience)

After reviewing the above reviews, I understood that most users had issues with Mindvalley’s subscription policies and customer support. 

(I will not comment on the lawsuit as I firmly believe in – innocent till proven guilty.)

So, from my perspective, Mindvalley is not necessarily a scam. Instead, the platform must improve its responsiveness and transparency around subscription management. 

Another query I saw was whether Becoming Limitless (now known as Be Extraordinary) is legit. Since I have taken the course, I can vouch that the program was truly effective for me.

Be Extraordinary, Mindvalley

Source: Be Extraordinary, Mindvalley

The thirty-lesson course taught me two important lessons:-

  • Being alright with bad experiences
  • Strengthening my sixth sense.

Thanks to Vishen’s guidance, I stopped worrying so much about failures and rather shifted my focus to solutions.

To answer simply, the course helped me a lot. 

I realized that part of Becoming Limitless’s hate stems from its instructor, who is, in their words, a “fake guru of Mindvalley!” 

So, if I speak strictly from my experience, Mindvalley is an effective platform with over 75 experienced instructors. 

Mindvalley is an effective platform

Most of these programs are divided into 10-20 minute daily lessons, which are followed by relevant homework that genuinely helped me understand the concepts. 

I liked how Vishen presented the material in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Unlike most teachers, who use big words and fancy metaphors to show you how knowledgeable they are, I did not have the same issue with Mindvalley instructors once. 

There were no fancy words or concepts that Vishen did not break down into bits. 

Mindvalley is an effective platform

However, I would definitely mention that not all learners have the same capabilities or learning interests

So, just because I benefitted from Mindvalley lectures does not guarantee that your experience will be the same. 

For what it’s worth, you can always refer to the platform’s study materials and pre-recorded Q&As and interact with public channels in case of doubts. Just do not give up after one inconvenience.

What is the Mindvalley Business Model?

Mindvalley’s business model involves providing educational courses that help people see the world differently. These courses range from lifestyle design systems to energy medicine and aim to bring about life-changing success. 

Denis Oakley & Co

Source: Denis Oakley & Co

That being said, the platform has two types of customer relationships: 

  • One for the low-pricing mass-market consumer who’s coming in and doing a course
  • Another is for high-touch customers who are willing to spend a lot of money. 

Now, it is important to understand what a Ponzi scheme is before deciding whether Mindvalley’s business model could be considered one. 

  • A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. 

It creates an illusion of big profits and relies on a constant flow of new investments.

Mindvalley’s business model, however, does not fit this definition. 

They provide educational courses and services in exchange for payment and do not promise high returns from later customers’ payments. 

Therefore, it would not be fair to label Mindvalley’s business model a Ponzi scheme. 

Denis Oakley & Co

Source: Denis Oakley & Co

Since I had a positive experience with its courses, I strongly believe the platform provides a legitimate service (education and personal growth courses) for which it charges its customers. 

In my perspective, just like any other institution, sometimes the problem is not always the headquarters but the connecting lines. And considering the complaints about customer service, I don’t think Vishen keeps track of these things. 

So, dragging his failed marriage as a “valid argument” is a bit unfair.

Pricing, Membership, and Refund Policy of Mindvalley

Mindvalley offers two primary ways to access its courses: the All-Access Plan and Single Course Purchases. 

Additionally, they provide specialized Pro Membership and Business Membership options. Take a look below:-

PlanDescriptionMonthly PriceAnnual Price
All-Access PlanAccess to 100+ courses$49/month$399/year
Single Course PurchasePurchase individual coursesVaries by courseVaries by course
Pro MembershipAll-Access benefits + group coaching sessions and embodiment session$199 upgrade$598/year
Business MembershipDiscounted plans for teams of 5 to 200 membersNone$299/member annually

Which Mindvalley Subscription is better suited for me?

Check out the details below to understand which Mindvalley subscription is ideal for you:-

  • All-access Plan

All-Access Membership is best suited for mass-market consumers who want to learn from various personal development areas. It provides them access to over 100 courses, making it perfect for anyone who wants diverse content at an affordable price.

Mindvalley Membership

Source: Mindvalley Membership

  • Pro Membership

This membership best suits high-touch clients who desire personalized guidance and deeper engagement. It includes all All-Access benefits, group coaching, and embodiment sessions with Vishen Lakhiani, offering a more intensive and interactive learning experience.

Source: Mindvalley Membership

  • Business

Designed for teams and organizations looking to invest in employee personal development. It offers discounted plans for groups of 5 to 200 members, promoting team growth and development.

Source: Mindvalley Membership

Does Mindvalley Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Mindvalley offers a 15-day refund policy, where unsatisfied users can cancel their subscription within two weeks of their purchase. 

However, considering the users who had trouble canceling the subscription and faced extra billing, I recommend you proceed with the cancellation process at least 2-3 days in advance.

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Conclusion: Mindvalley is Not a Fraud!

Mindvalley has received significant negative feedback, primarily due to customer service issues and skepticism toward its founder, Vishen Lakhiani. 

However, my personal experience with Mindvalley’s courses, especially Becoming Limitless (now known as Be Extraordinary), has been positive and transformative. 

While Mindvalley needs to improve its customer service, claims that Mindvalley and its practices are fraudulent are not true. 

Instead, I firmly believe the platform offers genuine educational value and personal growth opportunities, making it worthwhile for those committed to self-improvement.

What are your opinions on Mindvalley? Let me know in the comments below!

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