Mindvalley Trustpilot Reviews & Ratings — 2024 Edition

Mindvalley promises to help individuals achieve personal growth and transformation. So, if you are contemplating whether the platform is worth the money, I recommend reviewing the mixed reviews on Trustpilot, as that would help you make a more informed decision.

I have carefully segregated Mindvalley’s positive and negative aspects in this article. In addition, I will add Trustpilot testimonials regarding Mindavalley’s content quality, customer service, subscription policies, and so on. Check it out!

The Truth About Mindvalley – Trustpilot Reviews

I will share the user’s positive and negative experiences with Mindvalley in the section below. 

Positive Reviews

The Trustpilot reviews showcase many satisfied Mindvalley users who have found immense value in the platform’s offerings. Several reviewers praised the high-quality content and experienced instructors, noting that the courses have been “life-changing!”

To understand the details of how Mindvalley has exactly helped these individuals, let’s go through a few of the testimonials below:-

  1. Charlotte – 5 Stars

“Just fantastic. There are so many courses that are compelling and well-structured. I’m terrible at buying courses and failing to follow through, but Mindvalley has changed that. 

So glad I took the plunge and signed up.”

Charlotte - 5 Stars
Source: Trustpilot
  1. Dr. Marsha Mouton – 5 Stars

“​​Thank you, Mind Valley, for promptly resolving the issue and refunding my money. 

While my initial frustration led me to write a critical review, I appreciate your swift action in rectifying the situation. It’s important to acknowledge when things have been corrected. 

Thank you again, and I wish you all a fantastic day!”

Dr. Marsha Mouton – 5 Stars
Source: Trustpilot
  1. Mary Hiller – 5 Stars

“I have just started three different courses, but I’m so excited and benefitting already from each one. Gaining clarity about areas in my life that I need to upgrade. I love how user-friendly Mindvalley is. 

I haven’t seen a course or event that doesn’t grab my attention and interest.”

Mary Hiller - 5 Stars
Source: Trustpilot
  1. Jonathan – 5 Stars

“I was very impressed! Although a 12-month subscription is a bit pricey, Mindvalley is worth it. By subscribing, you get access to all their quests (training programs) except one or two, like Lifebook, which they charge separately for. The training platform itself works well. 

A wide range of authors, including Paul McKenna, are present. Many topics in the personal development space cover leadership, confidence, health, relationships, etc. 

At first, I was a bit wary of subscribing, but I use this daily, so it’s well worth it!”

Jonathan – 5 Stars
Source: Trustpilot

Negative Reviews

While the positive reviews highlight Mindvalley’s strengths, the platform has also received its fair share of critical feedback on Trustpilot. 

Users have expressed concerns about spam emails, subscription policies, and customer service issues. So, let’s go through some of those concerns:-

  1. Manye – 3 Stars

“It’s a marketing machine. I was bombarded by several emails every day. Even after canceling my subscription, I still receive emails from Mindvalley trying to change my mind about unsubscribing. It’s becoming harassment!”

Manye - 3 Stars
Source: Trustpilot
  1. Kate – 2 Stars

“When I canceled my membership, which was an easy process and completed in plenty of time, a renewal fee was still taken from me! 

After a lot of faffing, I managed to get a chat with (I’m assuming) a real person who confirmed I canceled in plenty of time and got refunded, thankfully! However! Again!! A small sum was taken a few days later, and I assume some sort of administration fee!

Kate – 2 Stars
Source: Trustpilot

Customer Service Concerns

The reviews on Trustpilot suggest that Mindvalley’s customer service may need improvement. 

Several users have reported lengthy response times, difficulty reaching support, and issues with refunds and cancellations. Check out the three-starred reviews below:-

  1. Li – 3 Stars

“The content is excellent, unique quests. But the customer service is among the worst. They deleted my account without my request, and then the account didn’t work for almost two weeks, and no one helped. 

They didn’t want to give me extra time for the time I had paid, which hasn’t worked. 

They responded very quickly, wishing you a good day, but nothing gets sorted, and it’s different people. So the responses don’t even make sense most of the time.”

Li – 3 Stars
Source: Trustpilot
  1. Nadia Doh – 3 Stars

“Customer service has not responded to my request to cancel the subscription, and it is impossible to cancel it. I confirmed that I canceled my subscription but was still charged. 

There is no contact number, and there has been no response to my email. 

I have heard this problem from other people. Since I canceled, there have been no “chat” capabilities, yet they STILL charge my account monthly. ABSOLUTE WORST SERVICE.”

Nadia Doh – 3 Stars
Source: Trustpilot

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Conclusion: Trust Pilot Has Mixed Reviews For Mindvalley!

The Trustpilot reviews of Mindvalley present a mixed picture. 

While many users have found immense value in the platform’s courses and personal growth programs, others have faced challenges with customer service, subscription policies, and overall user experience.

As with any online learning platform, if you plan to subscribe to Mindvalley, you must thoroughly research and understand the terms and conditions. 

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