The Truth About Mindvalley – My Honest Review

Mindvalley caters to humans’ personal development by helping users be more charismatic, learn fast, or build their confidence. 

I have come across many strong negative seen many comments like “Mindvalley is a scam” or “Vishen is a cult leader who cares about nothing but money!” This confused me, as I have taken a few courses, and they really helped me improve. 

Therefore, in this article, I will uncover the real truth behind Mindvalley’s practices by discussing my experience alongside several users across public forums while also sharing an extensive overview of Mindvalley. 

Uncovering The Truth: Is Mindvalley Cult?

Most reviews on Reddit call Mindvalley a Cult. The reasoning is that the platform focuses too much on its promotion. (This is especially true with global community-building events like Mindvalley University.) 

So much so that, except for public forums, you will hardly see any negative or constructive criticism. And the comments of those who do share negative experiences get deleted.

Most Reviews on Reddit Call Mindvalley A Cult
Source: Reddit

One user on Reddit shared their annoyance with the platform; here’s a part of their review where they questioned if Mindvalley comes off as a cult:

I actually joined a Facebook group about them and asked the group, Do you think this is a scam?

I had some productive feedback, but mostly, people seemed to be in denial. Eventually, my post got deleted, which I thought was suspicious. Why wouldn’t they allow members to speculate and criticize? It seems cultish to me.

 Mindvalley Comes Off as A Cult
Source: YouTube

In fact, some people also believe the platform started as a place to help people grow and quickly became a money-making machine.

This reiterates the negative perception in people’s minds — who have not used the platform.

But, those who have indeed tried their hands at Mindvalley know that the techniques are genuinely effective. You just need to believe in things for it to work. 

For instance, one Redditor shared her experience with Mindvalley, saying she has manifested every tiny thing with the simple power of visualization. 

One Redditor Sared Her Experience With Mindvalley
Source: Reddit

However, she also believes you need to be patient and not jump from one course to another.

She Believes To Jump From One Course To Another
Source: Reddit

Legal Issues and Controversies on Mindvalley

The larger the platform, the harsher the consequence. Mindvalley is dragged into a class action lawsuit filed by EKO. The complaint is against the platform for alleged Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) violations. 

The lawsuit accuses Mindvalley of unlawfully collecting users’ video viewing histories through a hidden tracking code and sharing it with Meta for advertising purposes. 

They also highlight the serious implications of privacy breaches and seek to address such concerns. Of course, no proper evidence makes Mindvalley (at least for now) innocent.

My Quick Verdict On Mindvalley!

Looking away from the negative feedback and controversies, I would like to give you my honest answer; as a learner and a Mindvalley supporter, Mindvalley is more of a modern community where you meet like-minded people who believe in what you do. And that’s how you all grow.

However, people who are not interested in self-reflection and improvement criticize the platform and its networking method. 

Branching away from the critical examination of users who are unsatisfied, I have written about my experience with Mindvalley and have shared the actual truth about Mindvalley.

My Experience With Mindvalley Courses

Whenever you search Mindvalley, Silva Ultramind, or even Duality, it generally tops the list. However, since the courses are so popular, I wanted to highlight less-spoken-about courses that I have taken too. 

So, let me briefly share my experiences with Mindvalley Courses and how it helped me:-

1. Unlimited Abundance

Every now and then, I feel that my energy is too sensitive and that talking too much about good things somehow ruins things for me.

Forget human relationships, but I have also experienced the same situation with money.

Unlimited Abundance
Source: Mindvalley

The 24-lesson course helped me clear stagnant energy around wealth. Christie Marie Sheldon made me realize that unlocking the flow of abundance is not always perfect financial planning. 

Instead, sometimes it is simply raising your vibration, believing you deserve money, and showing it with action. 

And when I started investing money in things that mattered, I actually attracted more money.

2. Superbrain

Considering the daily stress, it’s natural for your brain to protect you from bad memories. Unfortunately, it comes at the cost of forgetting random things. I had difficulty remembering where I kept my car keys, what I ate at lunch, and so on.

Source: Mindvalley

When I took Jim Kwik’s eight-part module, I learned techniques to limit my negative inner voice and engage more in heart-pumping exercises. This helped me regain my focus. And suddenly, I would actively be in the moment instead of dissociating all those times.

The course also helped me absorb information quickly. So, if you need to process information quickly and do not have enough time to consume the data, Superbrain teaches you incredible techniques for doing so.

3. Total Confidence

Self-confidence is directly associated with how you look or think about yourself. So, if you have repeatedly faced situations where you felt less than others, it is natural for your body to remember and somehow translate this feeling into your body language. 

Total Confidence
Source: Mindvalley

Do you slouch? Are you afraid of crowds? Is it difficult to receive compliments? If the answers to all these questions were yes, then Paul McKenna’s course is the solution. During the four-hour course, I learned to communicate directly with my subconscious. 

I learned to turn off my negative thinking and raise awareness of how I believe. This helped me redirect my negative patterns and further build confidence.

Mindvalley Overview

Now, starting with the basics, Mindvalley is an online platform offering personal development courses across various life areas, such as Mind, Body, Soul, and Relationships. Vishen Lakhiani founded it and offers over 100 courses that provide bite-sized lessons and practical learning. 

The $399 program also pushes you to build global connections and communities.

Easy To Use Interface & Navigation 

Mindvalley has a clean and intuitive interface. For example, when you head to its website, you will see multiple menus, and when you hover your cursor on one of them, another display of menus will appear.

Easy to use Interface & Navigation
Source: Mindvalley

Likewise, when you scroll down, you will see a number of categories from mind to relationships (and coming soon). And whenever you click on any of these categories, you are redirected to courses that fall under those categories. 

Overall, I would say Mindvalley is absolutely beginner-friendly.

Mindvalley Courses & Categories
Source: Mindvalley

In fact, the enrollment process is straightforward for newcomers, too.

All you need to do is follow the prompts: Click on this link > Join Mindvalley > Become the member > Join the membership > Enter the card details > Subscribe.

Mindvalley’s Tutors

Mindvalley is home to around 77 instructors (including Jeffrey Allen, Jim Kwik, Marrissa Peer, etc.) with a decade of experience in their respective fields. They are not just instructors but well-versed practitioners who have curated their years of learning into bite-sized lessons. 

Mindvalley’s Tutors
Source: Mindvalley

The teaching tone is easy to understand and much more centered. Not once have I felt the instructor rushing me through the concept. Moreover, they brushed off the previous learning every other lesson, which helped cement the concept in my brain.

This barely left me with doubts. However, if you do feel confused, there are pre-recorded Q&A sessions based on the most requested questions that you can access. 

What Courses Does Vishen-Invented Platform Offers?

The Mind wellness platform offers over 100 courses across eight categories and 200 short training videos. 

For a better understanding, here are Mindvalley categories and its top-performing courses:-

  • Soul: The Art of Manifesting
  • Body: Beyond Fasting 
  • Mind: Superbrain
  • Relationships: Conscious Coupling
  • Career: Speak & Inspire
  • Kids, Teen, Parents: Be Extraordinary for Kids.
  • Partnered Programs: WildFit and Lifebook Online.

In addition, the Vishen-invented platform also offers certificate-based programs that typically revolve around coaching people in different areas of life. 

Mindvalley’s Certified-based courses

The only certificate-based courses Mindvalley offers you are the ones where you get training to be a mentor. Some of these courses include:-

  • Certified Business Coach
  • Evercoach Certifications
  • Holobody Certification
  • Certified 10x coach
  • Holobody Certification program
  • Evercoach

How Is Mindvalley’s Content Quality?

The $399 program offers a well-structured way of teaching. 

Each lesson is divided into 10-15 minutes, which you need to do daily, and after completing it, you will generally have some homework. For example, in Silva Ultramind, the instructor would urge you to practice visualization as it strengthens your manifesting abilities. 

Considering that each course is divided into weekly content, it helps you digest the information you learn and even implement it for better effectiveness. 

Overall, I will give Mindvalley’s content quality 5/5!

Who is Mindvalley Best Suited For?

The Mind wellness platform is truly incredible for people who implement what they have learned. That being said, if you resonate with the following things, you must sign up!

  • Looking for ways to better your public speaking
  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Have a hard time taking a stand or saying no
  • Improve your attention span
  • If you forget things easily
  • Want to be more charismatic

Does Mindvalley Offer Free Courses?

Mindvalley offers over 500 free courses. These free courses serve as an introduction to Mindvalley’s teaching methods and content, allowing users to explore different programs before committing to paid programs. 

However, these courses typically have limitations, such as shorter durations and fewer resources than paid courses. 

Mindvalley Offer Free Courses
Source: Mindvalley

Additionally, Mindvalley does not provide course completion certificates for free courses.

Instead, users can opt for certificate programs offered separately by the platform.

Pricing: Subscription Plans (Individual + All-Access)

There are two ways to pay for a Mindvalley subscription:

  • All-access plan (which gives you access to over 100 courses) 
  • or a Single Course. 
Mindvalley Subscription Plans
Source: Mindvalley

Remember that only a handful of courses can be purchased directly, as they do not come under the Mindvalley All-Access pass. 

The price varies depending on your specific course, too. 

What Courses Are Not Included In Mindvalley All-Access Pass?

Some of the courses that the all-access plan does not include are certificate-based courses and partner programs:-

Pay in 3 months
Certified Business Coach$200 (initial deposit)12th August 2024Here
Lifebook Online$299$951Here
Holobody Certification$200 (initial deposit)7th October 2024Here
Be Extraordinary at work$4992 July to 11 August$2500Here

Now that we have seen individual course prices let us review Mindvalley’s All-Access Pricing. This plan is further divided into two more parts:-

Mindvalley All-Access Plan

Mindvalley offers two subscription plans: a monthly plan for $49/ month and an annual plan for $399/ year. When you opt for the yearly plan, you save $189 in total. 

In fact, you also save $15.75 on your monthly billing of the annual plan.

Mindvalley Pro Membership

The Pro membership offers everything that you get in the Mindvalley Standard plan.

The additional features are group coaching with Vishen and special guests and a lifelong group embodiment session with the Mindvalley founder. 

Mindvalley Pro Membership
Source: Mindvalley

Now, if you are an existing Mindvalley member, you must pay $199 to upgrade your membership. However, if you are a new subscriber, pay $598/ year.

Does Mindvalley Offer Business Membership?

Mindvalley offers 60% off on both of the memberships that cater to a team of:-

  • Minimum five and maximum 19 
  • Minimum 20 and maximum 200
Subscription PlanMembersSavings
$2995 to 1960%
$29920 to 20060%

Mindvalley Refund Policy

Mindvalley offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are unsatisfied with the self-healing platform, you can always cancel the subscription by signing this form.

However, some subscribers faced issues while canceling the membership on time and had to pay extra money. Therefore, if you do not want to do that, do it at least two days before. 

To do so, follow the instructions below: Login to your account > Account settings > Manage subscription/ Billing > Cancel the subscription.

What Else Does Mindvalley Offer?

Depending on the Mindvalley subscription you purchase, the following are the features you can access with Mindvalley:-

  • Access to over 100+ courses
  • Access to Mindvalley’s Private Social Network
  • The AI-guided curriculum helps customize the interface to your interests. 
  • Access to over 1000 guided meditations and therapeutic sound
  • Share your thoughts and grow alongside fellow learners
  • Group coaching with Vishen and special guests – only Pro Membership
  • Lifelong group embodiment session – only Pro Membership

Apart from that, there are exclusive features that Mindvalley offers:-

1. Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University is not your typical four-year traditional experience. Instead, it is a life-transforming 3-week event in different cities worldwide. 

This year (2024), members will gather at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn, Estonia, from July 1st to July 21st.

Check out the 2022 event, which took place in Tallinn: 

With over 25 expert mentors and Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley is not just lectures. It is about diving deep into mind, body, soul, career, relationships, etc., all in a vibrant, supportive community. Now, let’s talk prices. 

  • Price

The tickets range from $399 to $999, with VIP options available for those craving extra perks. And here’s a pro tip: if you are looking for the best rates, grab the deal early! 

  • Eligibility criteria

The event is open to anyone above the age of 3. However, if you are under 18, you must bring a guardian, or you will not be granted access. Remember that your guardian should either have a Mindvalley membership or an approved event application.

2. Mindvalley Mobile App

Mindvalley offers a mobile application for devices like Apple TV, Smart TV, and Tablet. You will notice a new “Daily Shorts” feature when you see the application. The feature contains random insights into the different techniques. In

So, if you lose track of time and miss the lecture timing, the Mindvalley mobile app has a reminder feature.

Mindvalley Customer Reviews: Public Forums

Adding more to the user reviews of the platform. In the sections below, I have shared balanced reviews of Mindvalley from platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter:-

  • Positive reviews from users

One of the YouTube comments under the Mindvalley video reflected a viewer’s journey with Mindvalley. They mentioned how they have learned things in the last four years. 

“There is no more looking back. I look forward to everything that comes my way.”

Positive Reviews From Users
  • Negative reviews from users

As discussed above, users criticized Mindvalley for becoming a more materialistic platform. Under a Mindvalley review, I saw a comment praising Silva’s practices. 

Negative Reviews From Users
Source: YouTube

Another user on Twitter expressed their disappointment with Mindvalley. 

Another User on Twitter
Source: Twitter

“While Mindvalley’s sales tactic is legal, it is not ethical, as many people forget to cancel their subscription.” 

In this specific situation, expecting the platform to revoke access rather than charge people after a free trial is not a fair call, as many streaming platforms do the same. 

In fact, I genuinely believe it is the consumer’s fault that they forgot to cancel their subscription. 

Is Mindvalley Worth It?

In my honest opinion, Mindvalley truly is worth it for people who take active measures to feel and do better. Most mind practices that Mindvalley preaches require visualization and active belief that they will work. 

So, if you need to work on things before you believe them, Mindvalley is likely not worth it. I recommend trying out free courses to determine which areas of life you need more help with. 

Then, you can purchase a paid subscription for better results.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Is A Legitimate Platform!

Many people have raised concerns over the ever-growing spiritual platform that Vishen Lakhiani owns. Some call it a cult, and some call it a scam. However, most people like me, who’ve actually invested their time in learning the practices, believe the platform’s practices are still genuine.

It is just that they have a hard time trusting the owner, and poor customer support does not help the sentiment. I see no problem in Vishen monetizing the one-stop shop for the years-long practices. I would instead choose a well-tailed platform with bite-sized lessons over general information. 

So, what are you waiting for? You can start by exploring the free courses. And then then shift to $1/ day and gradually the annual membership. That’s all the truth that there is to Mindvalley from a real student’s perspective.

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