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Mindvalley is not new to controversies. Every other day, there is a new review about exposing the platform, unresolved lawsuits, and public forums dissing the founder.

With such a bad reputation, it’s natural to wonder whether Mindvalley is a scam. 

In this article, I will uncover all Reddit threads list concerning Mindvalley course effectiveness, poor customer service, Vishen giving bad vibes, and more.

After thoroughly analyzing these anonymous reviews, I will also give you my verdict. You can read about my shared experience and then decide for yourself whether Mindvalley is worth a chance. With that, let’s review the details.

Positive Reviews: Personal Growth and Transformation

Many Reddit users have shared their positive experiences with Mindvalley’s offerings, particularly the Silva Ultramind System. 

After engaging with the platform’s content, users have reported benefits such as improved sleep, enhanced meditation skills, and tangible manifestations. 

Let’s go through some of the positive experiences below:-

Thread One: Awakened

  • justicethereforegonewild3

“I can say that since starting the Ultramind series, my meditation skill has significantly developed. 

I have been working at this for some time, but only after going through the centering exercise multiple times have I consistently achieved deeper states instead of falling asleep. 

It is after a few 6-month+ stints of daily meditation with Headspace or other guided programs and much time alone in silence. 

Say what you will about Mindvalley, but the Silva stuff is powerful.”

Source: Reddit
  • justicethereforegonewild3

“Some guided meditations get you straight to the right state in minutes. It teaches you how to relax your body, senses, and mind to deeper states where you can access your inner self.

It helps you earn and grow, and after only a few times, you no longer have to listen to the meditation. You can do it alone. They also give the same sort of guidance through visualization exercises and emotional exercises.”

Reddit - justicethereforegonewild3
Source: Reddit

Thread Two: Meditation Science

  • Massive_Constant_117

“They’re training programs to unlearn how we learned to learn. 

So, they are not easy, but they do work. They seem expensive up front, but it is not that much if you break down the cost per hour.

Source: Reddit
  • Snoo27499

“The Silva Method is definitely not a scam. I have been practicing it for a long time and have had some mind-blowing results. 

I can guarantee it is not a scam and a legit program.”

Source: Reddit

These were some of the positive reviews. 

Let us now branch out to the grey region – One recurring complaint was Mindvalley’s customer service, with users reporting difficulties accessing courses they had paid for or obtaining refunds. 

Therefore, let’s go through the next section to understand why Redditors are dissatisfied with Mindvalley!

Criticisms and Controversies: Marketing, Costs, and Customer Service

While some users have found value in Mindvalley, concerns and criticisms have also been expressed on Reddit. 

Many users have questioned the authenticity of the platform’s marketing tactics, with some perceiving the founder, Vishen Lakhiani, as overly self-promotional.

Additionally, the perceived high cost of Mindvalley’s courses has also been a point of contention for some users. Take a look at what they are saying:-

Thread One: Meditation Science 

  • mindhero999

“I like Mindvalley. Their courses are good, but they are expensive! It costs $449 to unlock one course. You can download it on Turbocourses or watch it online.”

Source: Reddit

Thread Two: Law of Attraction 

  • yellowpetal73

“The interesting thing is I agree with everything Vishen says. I had a lot of transformations in my life, and his techniques seem legitimate. But damn, does he give me bad vibes.

It is funny how you can agree with everything someone says and not trust him.

I think it’s probably his ego that’s completely unchecked.”

Source: Reddit
  • trickyargument_6935

“I made the mistake of signing up because you can easily cancel in 15 days. Well, they charged my card $399, and I got no programs. 

There are only chatbots for customer service!!!”

Source: Reddit

The Truth About Mindvalley: Varying Opinions + My Experience

The discussions on Reddit regarding Mindvalley showcase a range of opinions and experiences. 

While some users have found the platform’s offerings transformative, others have expressed skepticism and concerns about the company’s practices.

There was also a lawsuit suggesting that Mindvalley steals their students’ data and sells it to Meta for advertising purposes. Unfortunately, there was no follow-up news about it. 

That’s why I firmly believe the truth about Mindvalley lies somewhere in the middle. 

Mindvalley Sells Viewing History
Source: EKO

Enough about what people on Reddit think about Mindvalley. Now, I will share my experience. 

Two of my favorite programs on the platform are definitely Silva Ultramind and Superbrain, as the learnings and their effects were utterly effective. I loved that each lesson is hardly 10-15 minutes long, and the concepts you learn are always simplified. 

What I loved the most was the instructors kept revisiting past concepts, which naturally helped solidify the learning. 

However, remember that for the programs to work on you, you must first believe it will work. Now, I cannot comment on the platform’s customer service, considering I didn’t have any bad experience. Plus, there could also be glitches due to some negative experiences.  

Regardless, if you are planning to subscribe to Mindvalley, do so with careful evaluation.

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Conclusion: Mindvalley Reddit Threads Are Grey!

Mindvalley’s user experience falls somewhere in the grey zone. 

There are people who praise the platform a lot, whereas there is also an unwarranted hate train at times. While researching this topic, I realized that most positive remarks focused on Mindvalley’s effectiveness. 

However, when I shifted my attention to the negative reviews, they were all about:-

  • Mindvalley’s poor customer care
  • The founder’s alleged ego
  • The platform’s overall cultish vibe.

To be honest, 50% of negative reviewers had not even used the platform first-hand, making me feel that the dislike was unfair. So, if you plan to subscribe to Mindvalley and are confused by all Reddit threads, I recommend signing up during any seasonal offer. 

This way, you will get much cheaper access to the platform and can cancel the membership if you are dissatisfied. (But do it within 15 days for a full refund!)

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